Illusion (1)

David stands
in a corner of the square.

But not the one he carved.

All the real
have been replaced by copies
indistinguishable to my eye.

This copy has its copy too.
The boy in the plane
Clear strong profile, proud neck, bright eyes,
hair springing in curls around his face,
tall graceful form
A David, to be sure.

I grow confused
unsure of what is true.
What do I need of real
If to me the copy is the same?

I do not know enough
to see I am deceived.
What of my heart, lifting to the sight,
is my heart also false?

Illusion (2)

The famous statue rises above our heads
glorious, proud, perfect.

But it is not real.
That one stands, glorious and proud,
in the nearby museum.

Around the square
small statues are for sale
that we may take our memories home.

Is my heart lifted more by real
than by illusion?

Or is real unnecessary,
my eye rejoicing in the idea
not in the object.

Lari Smith

Firenze (Piazza Signoria) 4/5