patch (1)

The sun combines with the raspberries
to enclose me in a warm world.
Safe, peaceful, remote,
carefully I search for old canes
and cut them out.
The new, pale green, sturdyŚ
they will create my spring world.

Each year I put this micro world in order,
feeling my life cut off
its wornout shrivelled fears,
sensing the tender sprouts of hope
reach up for sun and light.

The Raspberry Patch (2)

The sun and the raspberries
    Enfold me, enclose me,
In a bright warm sphere
    Safe, peaceful, remote.
I search for last year's canes,
    Snap them off, haul them out.
The pale green smooth new shoots
    Reach high with fruit.

Can I instruct my heart
    To pass from year to year?
Discarding the past days, cares,
    Rough painful memories,
And seeing only birth,
    Fresh and hopeful shoots,
That promise life and passion
    In the growing season.

Lari Smith